Fashion Editorial Photography:
A Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot in the Canyons of Orange County, CA.

So What Do you Enjoy the Most about Fashion Editorial Photography?

Fashion Commercial Editorial Photographer in Orange County , Los Angeles

By Sid Rane


For me, one of the most exciting things to do in fashion editorial photography is scouting for the perfect locations to shoot at. It’s like a treat for the travel bug inside me. 

I love hiking as much as I love photography. Putting the two together is twice as nice.

This is the story behind the fashion editorial shoot that got published in the January 2018, issue of Solis Magazine.

“One fine weekend I went hiking by myself as I usually love to do when I’m not shooting. 

This time, I dived straight into the desert.It was just any other day until…I stumbled upon these Gorgeous Red Rock Canyons and simply stood there in amazement!

Aha! The perfect place for a fashion editorial photo shoot is what flashed in my mind that very moment.

Fashion Editorial Shoot Fashion festival Orange County
Beautiful! Aren't they?

“The idea of coming back here to do a fashion editorial photo shoot wouldn’t leave my head! It felt exciting! Something I hadn’t done before..

 As I walked back, I began wondering who’d be up for it?

I mean walking 5 miles in the hot sun on the desert sand with all that heavy equipment required for the fashion shoot. 

Nevertheless, made a few calls as I got back. And to my surprise, did manage to put a team together.

On the Day of the shoot…we began walking on the bumpy sandy road that lay ahead with about 50 pounds of photo shoot equipment, wardrobe and accessories. 

The 50 pounds of weight made these 5 miles feel like the longest 5 miles we had ever walked in our entire lives! 

Leanne, our hairstylist was most inspiring tho. She kept walking till we didn’t get there in spite of her recent surgery.

“I’m a lucky photographer to be able to get such dedicated people to work with.”

 Guess when it comes from  inside of you the universe really does conspire in making it happen!

We all went home that day after a hard day’s work totally tired but completely overjoyed with the work we had done all day. 

Putting in that extra effort and being able to follow your gut instincts is truly one the joys of Fashion Editorial Photography. Of course getting to use your creativity will always top the list though.

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The Team:

Photographer: Sid Rane Photography:  @, Instagram: Sid Rane Photo.

Model: Kylie Cochran @kyliecochran of Agency @willowmodels

Hairstylist: Leanne Hare Instagram:@hairstylistleannehare

Makeup: Stephanie Stella Instagram @createfacee Stylist: Niché Joy Instagram: faithnmyfashion of @ivanbittonstylehouse

Wardrobe: dress by: CHAMAELEO Instagram @chamaeleo

Rings: by: Sambac By Ivan Bitton instagram: @sambacjewelry

Earrings: by :MAUKE V @instagram:maukevjewelry