My Fashion Editorial Images That Got Published In ELLE-Bulgaria.

Fashion Commercial Editorial Photographer in Orange County , Los Angeles

By Sid Rane

Getting my fashion editorial published in ELLE – Bulgaria was like having one of my dreams come to life. 

Fashion Editorial Photography is very close to my heart. I guess because it challenges me to push my creative boundaries. Makes me think of something new every time.

Fashion Editorial Photography is About Telling Unwritten Stories.

While fashion photography illustrates a lifestyle, editorial photography tells a story.

So, I had to come up with a theme for my fashion editorial photo shoot.

In California, we were in that phase when the seasons were switching. That’s what inspired me.

Picture the bright, lively, unstoppable waves of Southern California. Imagine they are trying to reach the gloomy pirate tower that stands tall at Laguna Beach. It feels like the dull cold winter is being challenged by the hot blazing summer. 

fashion editorial photo shoot Orange County California

The Theme for the Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot:

I decided to choose this “seasonal transition” as the theme of the shoot. I love to draw inspiration from nature. Because everything looks so perfect in nature.

This felt like one of those “perfect contrasts“. Like those times when you go out and wonder whether it’s going to get cold later on or it’s going to stay warm. Should you wear shorts or should you take a sweater along?

The wardrobe, the lighting and the expressions had to represent this seasonal transition. We decided to show the transition from gloomy to bright using these 3 elements.

The Day we did the Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot

We had decided to do the shoot at Laguna Beach, California.

On the day of the shoot, the tide was high. The sun kept playing hide and seek. The waves were hitting the rocks really hard. For a weekday, the usually quiet beach looked crowded.

Anyway, we got to work. The big waves didn’t make it very easy though.  We had only 2 hours to complete everything because the tide was rising even more. We were all getting drenched during the shoot.

fashion editorial photo shoot Orange County California

The pirate tower, where we shot most of the fashion editorial; has its own little story. A guy who visited Europe and got inspired by those mighty castles and towers from the middle ages. He came back to California and decided to have his own private pirate tower. So he got one built for himself. Imagine having your own pirate tower. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot for Elle-Bulgaria Magazine

The Images from the Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot, Post-Production:

Getting My Fashion Editorial Published in Elle-Bulgaria.

I approached Elle Bulgaria to publish my fashion editorial. A while passed by and I didn’t get a revert from them. Then I asked one of my Bulgarian friends to translate my letter in Bulgarian. And, I got a reply from them saying they would publish my fashion editorial on their website.

The team at ELLE Bulgaria made it all so special for me! I can’t thank the Editor in chief, Maria enough for all the support I received from her end.

I also got an opportunity to wear the stylist’s hat for this shoot. It was a lot of fun and things turned out great. But I realized how much work a stylist takes off your shoulders so you can focus on your photography. 

A Special Shout Out To:

·        Our gorgeous model Kelli from Willow models,

·        Gifted hair stylist Leanne Hare (who can pass off as a full-time stand-up comedian),

·        The talented make-up artist Octavio and

·        To the person who had the crazy idea of building a pirate tower at Laguna!

View the Fashion Editorial Publication Here


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